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Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center


Building Dedication Ceremony-  Sept. 21, 2017 

Paula Groves-Price accepts the building proclamation from Board of Regents.
President Kirk Schulz speaks during Cultural Center dedication.
Carmento Floyd speaks during Cultural Center dedication
Large crowd standing during Cultural Center dedication with natural light streaming in.
Smiling students looking at the camera during the Cultural Center dedication.
Guests look at the contents of the time capsules to be buried at the Cultural Center.

Special Ceremony- August 17, 2017

Carmento Floyd visiting with guests.
President Krik Schulz shakes hands with a guest.
Wide shot of guests in the Cultural Center living room.
Paula Groves-Price holding a green Pendleton blanket with bison motif.
First Lady Noel Schulz seated with young female dancers.
Guests enjoying light refreshments in the Cultural Center kitchen area.

Carmento Floyd tours the Cultural Center - June 17, 2017.

Carmento Floyd touring the Cultural Center. Pictured with Paula Groves-Price.

Carmento Floyd touring the Cultural Center
Exterior under construction
Interior under construction
Exterior under construction
Carmento FLoyd listening to tour guides