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Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center

Women serving themselves food in the Dining Room.

Commercial & Demonstration Kitchens

These unique features allow groups to utilize University Catering, Hospitality and Business Management Catering, Whitman County approved catering or private food preparation. All non-WSU Catering requests will be subject to facility usage, facility supervision, and added custodial fees. Rates for the Commercial Kitchen and Demonstration kitchen are the same, regardless of group type.

Please contact for all kitchen requests or inquiries.

Demonstration Kitchen Usage

  • Approved cookware for convection stove top provided
  • Users must follow written directions for use of all equipment
  • Users must clean kitchen according to written direction
  • Food cannot be prepared for resale in this space

Reservation requests for the Demonstration Kitchen must be received at least two weeks in advance. 

Commercial Kitchen Usage

  • Preferred Caterer (University Catering or HBM Catering)
  • Non-Preferred Caterer (any Whitman County approved caterer)
  • Self Catered (individuals cooking on-site)

For safety reasons, the Commercial Kitchen will be locked to the public unless part of an event reservation. Reservation requests for the Commercial Kitchen must be received at least one month in advance. 

Please contact for details on availability and pricing. Kitchen rental rates, supervision and charges may apply.

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Questions? Feel free to contact us for help. Email or call 509-335-2584.