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Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center


Due to the layout of space and kitchen use, we will be unable to concurrently schedule different events in the knowledge rooms and living room.  Additionally, use of the living room will automatically include all spaces within the facility, with the exception of the Commercial Kitchen. Charges will vary based on kitchen use.

Rates include basic audio/visual equipment, tables & chairs, and setup & takedown labor in event space; does not include tech labor during the reservation.

Academic Year Reservations 

  • Weekdays - Knowledge Room or Fire Pit reservation requests outside of standard hours of operation (in part or in total) must be for a minimum of 2-hours. Standard policies and rates apply to all other spaces.
  • Weekends - Any space requests must be in conjunction with a Living Room reservation. Standard policies and rates apply.

Questions? Feel free to contact us for help. Email or call 509-335-2584. 

General Facility and Room Rates

Space Hourly Rates
(Capacity#/ Seating #)  Registered Student Organizations WSU Departments Non-WSU Affiliates/Outside Groups
Knowledge Room 111 (31/20) $0*  $20/hr $30/hr
Knowledge Room 112 (30/20) $0*  $20/hr $30/hr
Knowledge Room 113 (30/20) $0*  $20/hr $30/hr
Knowledge Room 114 (32/20) $0*  $20/hr $30/hr
Combined Knowledge Room 111 &112 (61/40) $0*  $40/hr $60/hr
Combined Knowledge Room 113 & 114 (62/40) $0*  $40/hr $60/hr
Dining Room (31/42)/Demo Kitchen $40/hr $40/hr $60/hr
Living Room**Event Space (varies by layout) $120 (3-hr minimum) + $40/hr for each additional hr (Catering/kitchen use not included) $225 (3-hr minimum) + $75/hr for each additional hr (Catering/kitchen use not included) $375 (3-hr minimum charge) + $125/hr for each additional hr (No catering or kitchen use)
Audio/Visual Support During Event $20/hr $25/hr $30/hr
Kitchen Rental (BOH & Demonstration) Contact Contact Contact
Fire Pits $20/hr $20/hr $30/hr

*NOTE: There will be no charge for up to two reserved Knowledge Rooms.  If there are three or more rooms, the charge will be at the department rate.

**NOTE: 3-hour minimum

Demonstration and Commercial Kitchen Usage

University Catering will provide professional staff when the Commercial kitchen is reserved. The kitchen will have associated costs charged to the group based upon use.  The charges are intended only to recover direct costs.

Demonstration Kitchen includes the use of the pots, pans, and utensils located in the drawers of the Demonstration Kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen includes the use of dishes, cups, glasses, and flatware. 

Additional charges will apply for equipment and small wares breakage, damage and additional custodial.

Please contact  for all kitchen related requests.